About Capital Connections

Did you know that each year approximately 600,000 new businesses are started in the United States.  These businesses are started by courageous people who seek opportunity, challenge and financial reward.  Many will succeed, while many others will fail.

What separates the successes from the failures? The answer may be in how fast the new business can accelerate the learning curve and improve it’s effectiveness early.  In business, there are no guarantees.  There is simply no way to eliminate all of the risks associated with starting a small business. However there are ways to leverage the experience and resources of others to improve your chances for success

Capital Connections is that resource.  First, we insure our clients have the necessary financing to build their business on a solid foundation.  Next, we work with our clients to bring the best available resources to help accelerate their growth and maximize their profitability.

The services we provide, as well as those provided by our strategic partners, have been time tested and replicated to insure our clients minimize the capital outlay while maximizing their Return on Investment. Best of all, our fees are paid by of our strategic partners so there is no additional cost incurred by our clients.

It has often been said that “good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.”  Don’t make the mistakes of failed businesses.  Let Capital Connections assist you in navigating the complex business environment of today so you may enjoy the benefits of running a successful business in the future.