Accounts Receivable Financing

Many times a business owner finds that times would be much easier if all of the customers would just pay their bills NOW. In a perfect world, a telephone call would yield a mail sack full of capital. Thanks to Compound Profit business owners can have that luxury by calling with the statement, “I NEED CASH NOW!”. Our Working Capital Factoring program liquidates monies that are tied up in your invoices. In many instances, these monies can be in your account within 24 to 48 hours.


Working Capital Factoring (also known as AR Factoring) is the purchase of some or all of the valid Accounts Receivables for goods and services that have been completed in business to business, or business to government transactions, at a discount. In many ways, Accounts Receivable Funding is similar to improving your working capital cash-flow by offering your customers a cash discount for paying their invoices more quickly.